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APEX Athletics was original formed in 2018 to accommodate the needs of the throwing community. The Edmonton Region has typically not undertaken any effort to grow the throwing even area for able bodied athletes and for para-athletes. So while we continue to grow and work to that end, we are also looking at the bigger picture too. What that means for our sport is that APEX Athletics will look to becoming an all encompassing, full service club that welcomes not just the throws event athletes but also endurance athletes, road and XC runners, Sprinters, Jumpers and of course we welcome coaches - new and seasoned - to be a part of our team.

APEX Athletics is also intent on bringing content and information to our members as well as to the general public as well. Our blog post area will touch on a variety of interesting topics from sport science and coaching, to recovery and even general topics about sport with the Podcast "The PEAK Inside" (already on iTunes). So join us, follow us and engage with us as we seek to be the premiere choice for athletes and coaches as our sport grows and evolves.