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It Ain't Over Till It's Over

At some point, Turkish Gossip Columnists may start to feel guilty about (or get tired of) using the constant mickey - away from Pinar Altug for her high-profile, high-voltage love-life -- but that point doesn't appear to have been reached quite yet...

For those unfamiliar with Pinar Hanim's past infidelities and current amorous antics (what are root cause of all media attention), please visit Part 1 of our series about the 'Lying Eyes Club of Turkey' (also available here about the EzineArticles website).

Take, for example, Aksam Newspaper's Gossip Columnist Serder Turgut -- who still won't cut Pinar Hanim any slack when it comes to her current toy-boy lover, the 23-year-old Yagmur Atacan... Here is a sampling from Turgut's column (of last Friday) -- concerning "Pinar Altug's Top 7 List -- Features of Having a Young Lover".

1) Pinar Hanim will get pregnant, and in the Lamaze course she can practice diaper changing and baby burping -- steer clear a toy plastic doll like the other mothers-to-be, though her own real toy-boy.

2) When she decides a subscription to DigiTurk (the multi-channel Turkish Satellite tv service) she'll reduce fees by opting for the inexpensive 'Family Package' -- including the "Jo Jo" Children's Channel which will meet all her toy-boy's viewing needs.

3) She'll be classified to be quite 'with it' - and 'cool' in social circles... because when you are inside a crowd, people value you based on the youthful appeal of your escort.

4) Boy children don't easily give up masturbation despite their mother's admonitions, even though she tells them they'll go blind if the don't stop. However in Pinar Altug's house if she says, "Stop having fun with yourself," to her toy-boy, he'll do as she says -- awaiting what's going to surely follow.

5) When she eats out with her toy-boy with an expensive restaurant like Lucca (Istanbul) his food bill is going to be quite low -- since his tastes don't run beyond Lapa (any watery, mushy food for babies).

6) She'll also spend less on family health insurance. If the couple want to get their health checkups, the toy-boy's expense will probably be negligible. There'll be no need for prostate exams, as an example.

7) Unlike other women in her generation, she defintely won't be forced to hear endless discussions about her toy-boy's comparative abilities when he's on Levitra, Cialis or sex - Viagra.

Will 'slings and arrows' of the sort always plague the lovers considerably longer? Most likely not...and while they weather the storm, they could be comforted in the warmth that seems being emanating from their steamy relationship!

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